• 5 important office trends that will redefine the modern workplace

    Derek Lotts     |     May 24, 2021

    Each year brings about new changes, along with new office trends that are slowly reshaping the corporate world. However, due to the novel pandemic we have recently experienced, our lives 

  • 5 finance, maintenance tips for managing your company fleet

    Derek Lotts     |     February 20, 2020

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  • Six ways to relax after work

    Derek Lotts     |     December 6, 2019

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    It's not uncommon for businesses to invest in real estate. After all, this type of investment is ideally suited for companies that want to have assets that can be either 

  • 5 practical ways to make your business greener in the future

    Derek Lotts     |     September 26, 2019

    Sustainability starts from an individual - when you begin adding some eco-friendly practices to your private life, you will soon wish to share them with those around you including your 

  • 7 common workplace emergencies and how to respond to them

    Derek Lotts     |     September 4, 2019

    You can’t really predict an emergency, no matter where it happens, but you can do one thing: learn how to respond to it. Both you and your employees need proper 

  • 5 important factors to consider when relocating a business

    Derek Lotts     |     December 22, 2018

    Relocating a company is one of the most dreaded tasks in the modern business world. Yes, the processes involved are more refined than ever, and yes, you can move a 

  • Why real estate professionals need business insurance

    Derek Lotts     |     September 20, 2018

    As a real estate professional, by the very nature of your business, you can potentially be subjected to various claims and lawsuits. Even the slightest error on your part, whether 

  • Occupational noise control – How to reduce noise in the workplace

    Derek Lotts     |     July 9, 2018

    Occupational noise exposure is a serious issue that can not only hinder your employees’ performance, but can also cause serious safety and health problems. In industrial settings, noise can reach hazardous 

  • 5 ways better workplace design can boost productivity

    Derek Lotts     |     March 25, 2018

    Office design is more than just aesthetics. It’s also something that affects how day-to-day work will be conducted in your business. Before you make any decisions about the design, you