5 business ideas in the 3D printing industry

| November 29, 2019
5 Business Ideas in the 3D Printing Industry

The concept of 3D printing is not just something that changes how we perceive the concept of printing but also how we see manufacturing as a whole. However, its application is so wide that it gives birth to so many different business ideas. For a lot of people, this is an amazing opportunity but, then again, it’s both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, having too many options to choose from can make it even harder for you to make an adequate choice. With that in mind and without further ado, there are so many business ideas in the 3D printing industry that you have to take into consideration.

1.      Designing spare parts

The first thing you could do with 3D printing technology is to opt for designing various spare parts. The thing about spare parts lies in the fact that it’s often the matter of great urgency that you get the part necessary for the device to work. However, it’s sometimes quite hard to design spare parts, seeing as how they’re seldom a perfect fit. With 3D printing, you can look up the exact material on the user’s manual and get the exact measurements. It’s simply quite amazing just how perfect of a fit this can be.

2.      Making prototypes

Another thing you should consider is making prototypes for those who need it. There are so many people out there with amazing business ideas. However, instead of just having a business plan, sometimes, in order to pitch an idea, you need a prototype as well. Creating this prototype is usually beyond the technical prowess of the inventors themselves. This is why they need someone with the right tools and skillset to develop them. With a 3D printer and a skilled person to use it on your side, you’ll be able to do just that.

3.      Enhancing your educational institution

The next business idea worth considering is the issue of enhancing your educational institution with 3D printers. We’re, of course, not talking about random 3D devices but simple educational toys like 3D pens. This way, you get a chance to provide your students with something unique, something that they couldn’t get anywhere else. From a marketing standpoint, your educational institution gets a completely new pitch, which might be particularly appealing to some of the most ambitious and tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

4.      Designer products

One more thing worth taking into consideration is the fact that designer products aren’t necessarily something that you, as a business, have to outsource. A designer product usually differs merely by its markings, all of which can be completely altered and designed by 3D printing. In other words, similarly to the case with the above-mentioned educational institution, you need to take into consideration the fact that 3D printing can be just a part of your overall 3D printing business project. You can also specialize in just this single aspect of designer product manufacturing.

5.      3D scanning

Lastly, 3D scanning is a project that’s pivotal to 3D printing, even though it’s not necessarily its part. This is a process of analyzing real-world objects and the environment in order to collect data on the shape and appearance of certain parts. A collected data can then be used in order to construct a 3D model. In other words, 3D scanning is something that you’ll be forced to do either way, as long as you decide to get into 3D printing. Now, whether you decide to 3D scan as a part of your 3D printing process or just focus on 3D scanning and offer this service to others, this is entirely up to you.


The best thing about each of these ideas is the fact that it’s completely unique and that it belongs to the niche of its own. What it means is that you have the freedom to opt for whatever you find the most to your liking or the most in agreement with your skillset. Research on the local market might also help you out quite a bit.