4 exciting trends in the Australian construction industry

| June 25, 2019
4 Exciting Trends in the Australian Construction Industry

2018 was the year in which we got to see a number of new trends emerge in the Australian construction industry. But as you probably already know, the construction industry is pretty volatile and innovations keep popping up on a regular basis. There’s no doubt this is going to be the case with this year as well. In fact, many new trends are already here and they’re expected to make even more noise in the future. Here are four of them that are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Drones being introduced into construction sites

Australians really enjoy flying drones but these little things aren’t only made for personal use. Construction companies are now using drones in a number of ways and it seems like experts keep coming up with new ways they can aid in constructing new buildings. The best thing about drones is that they help construction companies keep their workers safe. They’re used to identify health hazards and keep an eye on what’s happening at the construction site at all times. Moreover, drones can create footage from the site, allowing the company to show their clients how the works are going without them having to be there.

4 Exciting Trends in the Australian Construction Industry

Eco-friendly building gaining more attention

We’re all trying to do everything we can to preserve the environment. However, even more changes are needed if want to keep the planet safe. This is exactly why construction businesses are now looking to make their operations as green as possible. Green construction materials have become a real thing and more companies are looking to use them whenever possible. They’re also trying to make adjustments to the ways they deal with waste created during construction. Lastly, improved technologies are being used in order to help fight noise pollution.

Steel formwork being used even more

There’s no need to say that you need foundations to make your building stand firmly. Construction companies in Australia now prefer using steel formwork due to multiple reasons. First of all, steel formwork improves the overall quality of the building which is something construction companies always aim at. Besides this, using steel formwork also means the entire process of constructing a building can become much faster. Last but not least, buildings constructed using steel formwork are more likely to survive harsh weather conditions and last longer.

4 Exciting Trends in the Australian Construction Industry

Wearable tech making the workplace safer

We already talked about how drones make construction sites safer, but you can never do too much when it comes to safety. Construction companies are now also investing in wearable tech their workers can use during construction and stay safe. Most of these devices have been specifically designed to simplify monitoring and improving the situational awareness of the workers at construction sites. Also, although heated jackets aren’t necessarily something new in the industry, the ones Australian construction companies now use have seen a lot of improvement. These things now come with battery packs that last even up to eight hours.

Final thoughts

The four trends discussed in this post are just some of the innovations we expect to see this year. In fact, it’s safe to say 2019 is going to be an extremely interesting year for the entire industry. Any Australian construction company that stays on top of these trends can be sure their operations will improve significantly.