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| December 9, 2010
Co-Authors Peter Fritz and Jeanne-Vida Douglas with The Profit Principle

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One reader described the short chapters of The Profit Principle  as being like “a series of mentoring sessions which enabled me to focus back on the core value within my business”. The Profit Principle is essential reading for anyone who has ever considered starting their own consultancy, and for those who are already running their own business and want to take it to the next level of success.

*First 5000 membership is available to senior executives from companies trading in Australia that employ between 20-199 people and report an annual turnover of $10 million or more.

More about The Profit Principle

Appropriately for our first book of the month The Profit Principle is co-authored by two of our very own members of the First 5000 community; Peter Fritz and Jeanne-Vida Douglas.

Co-Authors Peter Fritz and Jeanne-Vida Douglas with The Profit PrincipleOne of the greatest challenges in business is in deciding who to listen to when there’s a veritable cacophony of business advice whirling around the ether. The Profit Principle cuts through the clichés and the fluff, and gets down to series of fundamental strategies which can be directly applied to businesses at different stages of growth and development.

The Profit Principle is based on four key ideas: customers, cashflow, partnerships and momentum, and the value YOU bring to your company as an entrepreneur. Written like a series of mentoring sessions, the book covers everything from managing growth, to finding the right staff and how to expand into new markets.

We look at why most business fail, why small businesses stay small, how to get the best out of staff, and how to punch above your weight by talking to real Australian businesses about their own experiences.

Most importantly we look at how to start and grow your businesses without spending or borrowing huge amounts of capital, with real life examples drawn from so of Australia’s most successful business ventures.

It’s a book written for business, by business and about business, and is a must for every rapidly growing enterprise.


“…this book explains what people who are not innate entrepreneurs should do to build a business…for those self-starters keen to get on with it there is a lot of useful advice.” Stephen Matchett, the deal magazine, The Australian

“As I read through The Profit Principle, I felt as if the authors were subtly directing their advice to me in particular! The book was so digestible that I read it within a couple of days…but also so useful that I intend to re-read the book this month.” Yvette Vignando, The Australian Businesswomen’s Network

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