Will your team make a change this International Coffee Day?

| October 1, 2019

To celebrate International Coffee Day, JURA Australia have released their 2019 National Coffee Study results, and are urging workplaces across the country to make the switch to beans, by saying no to pods.

George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager said the results of our national study have shown that one in three (28%) Australian coffee drinkers are consuming three or more cups of brew at home alone per day.

“Add that to a takeaway or office made coffee throughout the day, that’s a lot of coffee being made. What concerns us is the potential number of pods going into landfill each and every day. Ourmachines only use beans and the grounds can be repurposed.

“We’re hoping to start the movement from pods to beans. Our at-home brand loyalists are helping us to make the first steps which can been seen through the data with one in two JURA home coffee machine owners also choosing the brand for their workplace. Make the change today,” Mr Liakatos said.

The JURA 2019 National Coffee Study found:

  • 37% of the sample had access to a coffee machine in the workplace.
  • Amongst JURA coffee machine homeowners, 1 in 2 have access to a coffee machine in theworkplace.
  • Amongst those who have access to a coffee machine at work, 6 in 10 JURA home coffeemachine owners are sole or joint decision makers for coffee machine in their workplace
  • 7 in 10 work in a workplace with fewer than 30 people