Why your existing staff are the key to a successful franchise

| January 13, 2019

High-performing staff who are truly invested in your business will ensure franchise success, say a husband-and-wife team whose business model saw them quickly reach the top of Australia’s competitive beauty market.

Rizwan and Sandrine Syed – whose Zubias Threading chain was recently announced Australia’s Beauty Service of the Year at the Optus Business Awards – believe they have the secret to a winning franchise:

The right staff to run your franchises more than likely already work for you.

“Find loyal staff and they’ll remain loyal to the franchise model. Your people are the franchise – and they need to have a passion for what they do,” Mr Syed said.

“Our franchisees have often been working for us for some time, so they have the same goals and values that we do, and that’s key to franchise success,” he said.

Mr and Mrs Syed created their multi-million-dollar eyebrow shaping business with no bank loan, just $5000, and a great deal of hard work and persistence.

And while many franchises fail in Australia, Zubias franchising is surging ahead with interstate and overseas expansion in the pipeline.

Of their 30 stores across Perth, 10 are franchise outlets, all run by long-serving, results-driven employees.

They were identified for their potential as the business grew.

“If someone has reached the top of the ladder in our business, it’s time for them to have their own franchise, and we can help them with that,” said Mr Syed.

“Our franchisees believe in our business model and wanted to upgrade their lifestyle. They have full faith in the way it’s operated and its purpose – so they wanted to sign up and live their lives doing this forever,” he said.

Their tips for success include:

  • Identify potential franchisees from within the business
  • If a potential franchisee doesn’t have the capital, invest in them. You will get your money back, and more.
  • Find franchisees with purpose, who are open-minded, possess the capacity to grow and want to help themselves.
  • Look for other qualities like loyalty, resilience, respect and perseverance.
  • Remember that by improving the lives of franchisees, the franchise will succeed.
  • Implement training programs with clear guidelines on work culture and values.

The Syeds also said when choosing franchisees, capital was not an issue if the person was right for the role.

“We love to help people who want to help themselves. If their mindset is right, we can help them to buy into the business,” said Mr Syed.

“Improving the lives of our franchisees is leading to success for the business as a whole – that is why we are different to most other franchises,” he said.

“I’m all about people, we cannot do it without our team. I swear by them and I put my heart and soul into them, so they return the same. We work with the person to make the franchise successful.”

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