The importance of e-mail security for your business

| June 20, 2013


When was the last time you reviewed your email security strategy? Paul Simms explains what you should have in place to ensure your business is protected from hackers.

Sending emails can be extremely dangerous, and there have been many security breaches that have resulted from people communicating in this way.

Hackers and malware developers have always been sophisticated, and their skills mean that there’s a constant battle to stay one step ahead of them. This is why it’s so important to have a tough, stringent e-mail strategy in place.

Businesses should never cut corners when it comes to security, and rather than investing in the cheapest e-mail encryption software available to them, they instead need to select the most reputable and trusted services that they can find. Egress Software Technologies offer secure email and also large file transfer services.

Don’t Give Them The Chance
When hackers are given the opportunity to access confidential information, the results can be devastating. Money can be lost, sensitive information accessed and reputations hit hard as a result. If hackers get their hands on sensitive data and your customers suffer as a result, it could be impossible to restore public faith in your services. This is where email encryption comes in. Encryption scrambles the content of e-mail, rendering it indecipherable to data thieves and hackers. When the e-mail reaches its required destination, the data is unscrambled, allowing the content to be communicated without any threat being posed to anyone.

Protect Your Business, Staff and Customers
Employing software such as this can help your customers to feel confident in you and the way that you operate. When encryption is implemented, you should feel free to tell your customers all about it, to show them that you treat their information with the respect that it deserves. Encryption won’t just protect your customers; it will protect your asset and the interests of your staff too. If hackers are made aware of sensitive information that you are communicating through email, you could find yourself out of pocket, and could even see company funds being siphoned off if certain details fall under the glare of hackers.

A Safer Network
It’s also said that around 95 per cent of all e-mails sent are in fact junk. For companies, the amount of messages that are sent across a network can be almost impossible to deal with. Aside from encryption, businesses can also invest in anti-spam technology to ensure that the right messages are seen and spam is filtered out completely. Whilst some spam is irritating but harmless, other spam can be extremely dangerous, containing viruses as well as attempts at phishing, whilst slowing down your network in the process. Anti-phishing software is also a must for those aiming for a more efficient, safer IT infrastructure. 

Paul Simms is an internet marketing specialist who has a keen interest in email and cyber security. While working with clients in these industries Paul has gained a vast knowledge of the technology behind securing emails and devices.