The frustration with our politicians continues

| December 12, 2012


First 5000 member Ray Levin looks at how there is a lack of understanding from our politicans in regard to what is best for the economy.

Today consulting engineers are putting off young engineers. Mining companies are putting off engineers from their design departments.

CEOs of mining companies are talking about how technology will enable the mines to increase productivity. This will mean less work for the unskilled and increased demand for skilled specialised labour.

In the short term we have a shortfall in supply of labour, unemployed in one part of the country will not move to where the work is. Yet, the unions cry that if we allow in people on work permits “they are taking Australian jobs”.

Labour not wanting to move or retrain will eventually become the long term unemployed.

Yet the government continues to claim how great our economy is and how it is all thanks to them.

There is still no sign of the rest of the economy growing. The area that I deal with regularly is construction. The principals squeeze the contractor on price , yet new regulations and the desire of all concerned to protect their backside means that there is more paper work , more cross checking , more postulating on how the job will be done, less flexibility ,

More people employed to check that those who are actually doing the work, as the experts decreed, are in fact doing it that way. This is irrespective of the practicality of the proposed process and the fact that the experienced operators could do the task quicker, safer and with a better end result. Yet the young engineer charged with ticking boxes insists that the work be done as specified. No common sense.

Everyone then complains that things are too expensive.

Work is not going ahead because funding is not available. Banks no longer lend to people but to a formula. Unless the project is presold the banks do not want to know. They have become risk aversive. They did not lose money on commercial deals. They lost money on buying derivatives. Why? Because they got greedy and forgot what they were there for.

Banks were created to lend to those in need and as a result they made money. Now they think that their sole purpose is to make money, and they do so by speculating and investing in non productive ventures because it is an opportunity to make money.

What happened to serving the public?

Their greed costs them, no one took responsibility and now they won’t lend, everyone’s confidence falls . Those with money are reluctant to invest (spend). And the banks congratulate themselves on their self fulfilling prophesy.

This world is being controlled by spin and propaganda.  Everyone has an opinion and whatever you do, don’t let the facts change your mind.

I know that there are two sides to every story, and no matter how poignant and moving their plight may be, only one side will be supported by the facts.

In our adversarial system of justice the truth is the first victim, none of the judges or barristers want to know the truth. Each is simply arguing their case and trying to discredit the opposition.

Even in world politics it is so. There are historical facts and then there is the re-jigged history which supports one side or the other.

What stories and propaganda can we sell to justify the preferred stance?

OR simply what fact do we leave out of the narrative to swing public opinion to our side?

What happened to the idea of all working for the common good?

What happened to the thought that you reap what you sow?

A fair days work for a fair days pay is predicated on you first doing a fair days work.

Today we are faced with people who say “stove of life give me heat and then I will give you wood.”

Most people look at what others have got and say I am as good as they are so why can’t I have what they’ve got.

It seems that it is easier to blame others for our lack rather than accept responsibility for it.

No one is responsible for the actions of others, your action might trigger another’s reaction but you are not responsible for the way they react. You are however responsible for the way you react to others.  And for all of your actions.

When everyone of us accepts that they are the centre of their own universe and that they control what happens within it by their actions the world will be a much better place.

Let’s all try to do some good without seeking credit for it.

Ray Levin is general manager of the Italia Stone Group, based in Western Australia. READ RAY’S FIRST BLOG Frustration with our politicians.