Succession Plus partner with mid-market business alliance group First 5000

| March 9, 2023

Mid-market advisory firm Succession Plus has announced a major partnership with First 5000 to better support and promote mid-market business owners in Australia.

First 5000 was established in 2010 by Global Access Partners and has been supporting the middle market with events, news, research and education.

Succession Plus is Australia’s leading Business Succession and Exit planning advisory practice, with 20 advisers throughout Australia and operations in New Zealand & the United Kingdom. The business focuses on mid-market succession and exit planning including providing Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) design and implementation and has worked with over 800 mid-market clients since being established in 2009.

Succession Plus Founder Dr Craig West is passionate about the middle market and the economic opportunity this sector represents with the mid-market in Australia representing 51,000 businesses and employing over 2.5 million people.

“We have been working closely with First 5000 for many years in providing research and expertise, and when the opportunity came along to partner and more closely work together to support the middle market – we decided to jump on that opportunity,” Dr West stated.

“The mid-market is very important to the Australian economy, and we wish to lift the profile of mid-size businesses,” Dr Craig West stated.

The partnership will allow First 5000 to continue to conduct research and education for the sector as well as running events, news and education services and expand reach into the top 5000 companies in Australia.

Global Access Partners Managing Director Catherine Fritz said the partnership with Succession Plus represents a great opportunity to expand the work of First 5000.