New Year, New Look

| January 24, 2017

The beginning of a new year gives us an opportunity like no other to take a look ahead and set goals and aspirations.

In its 11th year of supporting mid-sized businesses, First 5000 approaches 2017 with great gusto. Interest in our community is at an all time high and our new look website* is receiving wide acclaim from you, our readers.

We continue our commitment of supporting and promoting the value of mid-sized businesses throughout Australia and hope that you reach out to us to share your stories, thoughts and ideas.

Key topics
To focus our efforts we will break down the year into key topics for discussion and debate including, Red Tape, Expansion, Talent, Innovation, Leadership and Technology.

In 2016 our publisher, Global Access Partners, created the Medium Enterprise Advisory to examine the educational, technological and policy settings that facilitate or hinder the transition from small and start-up to medium business.

The Advisory will continue its deliberations through 2017 to develop a case for the proposed Institute for Medium-Sized Enterprises (“Growth Institute”). The Institute is designed to provide leadership and support for the sector, which until now has been largely disconnected and disengaged from the policy process.

This work will culminate in GAP’s 8th Annual Economic Summit in Sydney in September, which will focus on “Mid-Sized Business, Scale-Ups and Australia’s Productivity”.

I thank you for your dedication and interest in the First 5000 and hope that you tackle this year head on. Establishing and successfully operating a business is not for the faint hearted and by sharing your realities you can help support and shape our economic landscape.

*Thanks to Terem Technologies.