Manager skill-set blocks mid-size growth

| September 4, 2010

Medium-sized businesses often stumble when it comes to scaling up because they lack strong managerial skills. Professor Beth Walker is head of the Small & Medium Enterprise Research Centre (SMERC)  at Edith Cowan University.

She argues mid-size operators looking to expand their business may need to recruit expertise to improve their managerial capabilities.

“Our research constantly shows that SME operators tend to be operational, rather than strategic. And if you want to grow your business you need to be strategic.”

“The managers and owners are often not particularly equipped themselves, at least at the lower end of the medium category. So you can slip into the medium-bracket and perhaps not have those skills.”

Professor Walker said addressing talent deficiencies will boost business performance.

“The biggest thing is for the owner or manager to realise is they have to get people in to help. Better businesses will always have smart people on their boards and will always be looking ahead.”

“The better businesses have strong management structures within their organisations. If a business wants to go from 21 to 100 employees, they need different skill sets. It’s that realisation of the need for a different skill set that will make a difference to medium business.” She said.

For more information visit: Small & Medium Enterprise Research Centre (SMERC)


By Virginia Harrison, Editor First 5000