IT control is king

| June 14, 2011

On a recent business trip I was enthralled by Liam Neeson’s performance in the thriller, Unknown. The movie starts with him making a frantic dash back to the airport after leaving his laptop behind in a cab.

Of course business mobility has been a long standing issue for IT. Whether it’s a loss, theft or a network meltdown, any of these situations can create a major issue affecting the continuity of a business. Securing the data is paramount. Easy management is crucial. Control is king.

With an always on, always connected workforce striving to meet ever demanding business needs, access to email, productivity and other business apps like CRM are a basic business need – wherever they are. IT needs to provide this wide level of access on any device, yet at the same time have superior levels of control.

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides both valuable benefits to workers and the IT team who support them. New users can be set up in an instant. All they need is a PC with a browser and login details and voila. They have immediate access to the full suite of productivity tools and business applications that the business provides, all managed and the data backed up seamlessly. No lengthy configuration or set up required. With VDI you give users everything they need, but you also have the power to shut it all down in an instant.

All of your business data is stored on a central server so in the event of loss, theft, or damage to a device, you can retrieve information quickly and effortlessly. It’s especially useful, and cost effective, where companies need to safeguard data for compliance and regulatory reasons. There’s also zero risk of users downloading incompatible programs or time-wasting applications.

Increasing security and safeguarding confidential data is a top priority. Every single VDI is backed up, locked down, compliant, and managed which means that data cannot be physically stolen and digital theft can be avoided with security features that include SSL encryption methods. Furthermore, just like the virtual desktop user, the IT department can manage the virtual desktop environment from any device, anywhere.

It’s a reassuring way of managing business risk, side-stepping disruptions, and continuing business as normal. If only Mr Neeson had been using VDI, he could have avoided all that pain.

This blog was first published at IBM Business Insights Blog and is republished here with kind permission of the author, Nick Day