Is Total Private Cloud Environment the solution for ongoing security and performance issues?

| August 22, 2019

The bad news for any industry is that ransomware is an ongoing problem. Ransomware is constantly evolving, posing a huge challenge to firms to keep up how they protect themselves from attacks, from both a cost and application implementation perspective.

This is because few owners and managers have the technical IT knowledge to be 100 per cent confident their business is fully protected. The other factor is backups, with many firms not doing them as often as they should or tested their ability to restore. This is the reality when you are relying on an on-premise server IT environment.

The way to solve both of these issues is to move to the cloud environment.

Orthotic and prosthetic company, Oapl needed to protect themselves against ongoing crypto virus attacks and to improve performance issues. Coming from a hybrid environment using Office 365, on-premise and hosted servers led to a number of Ransomware attacks and speed issues.

Oapl has a complex yet sophisticated environment where security, up time and speed are critical ingredients for their day to day operations.

Oapl Operations Manager Kevin Johnson said, “We lost many days of trading because the business had been exposed to crypto viruses. No business can afford that, particularly when we have clients relying on us for medical services. We needed to find a more secure and reliable solution.”

“With ITonCloud, they monitor for suspicious activity with tools we didn’t have access to before. This mitigates the risk of an attack so that damage to data is prevented.”

“We now have excellent backups, with hourly snapshots, so if any data is lost or compromised it can be quickly restored and we are back to ‘business as usual’. We now have a single secure gateway we login into which gives us access to everything we need to run the business and service our clients. In fact, now we can focus on our core business competencies, not deal with IT issues,” said Mr Johnson.

Oapl have 26 locations across Australia, so running on-premise servers from different locations with different versions of applications running simultaneously and paying for multiple licenses was a logistical nightmare.

The biggest concern for healthcare businesses is managing and storing sensitive client data, and managing the number of different applications, like case management systems and its various versions.

The idea of migrating all of that sensitive information and losing trading days in the migration is huge concern for most. ITonCloud works closely with clients to meet the specific challenges they face and have developed a unique methodology that allows us to do the implementation and integration of these applications quickly and easily, and with no charge.

Our approach to the migration gives our clients absolute confidence and we have a 100 per cent migration success rate.

“The migration and integration from our previous vendor to ITonCloud has been the best and seamless process I have seen in my 25-year business history. This is testament to their excellent planning, execution and staff who know their job,” said Mr Johnson.