Industry strengthens call for compulsory registration of engineers

| April 29, 2019

Engineers Australia has re-stated the case for compulsory registration in a submission to the Opposition, ahead of the possibility of Victoria’s Parliament considering the Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 this week.

In the submission, Engineers Australia’s General Manager – Victoria, Alesha Printz said Compulsory registration of engineers should be introduced in Victoria because it would result in far higher levels of community safety and consumer protection.

“While Victorians in many other professions, including doctors, architects and lawyers, have to register to be able to legally carry out work, there is nothing to stop a person from calling themselves an engineer, even if they are not an engineer. This poses significant risks to consumers, as well as to community safety.

As a comparison, the Architects Registration Board of Victoria website ( clearly states on its home page:

“An architect is a person who is registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria. No-one else can use the title.”

“Why shouldn’t there be the same requirement for engineers?,” she said.

“It shouldn’t take a crisis for government to act in the interests of community safety and consumer protection.

“Engineers Australia strongly supports a compulsory registration scheme for engineers being introduced in Victoria (as soon as possible). To enhance community safety and consumer protection, it should be compulsory for any engineer in Victoria – indeed, Australia – to be registered as an engineer.”