How to optimise security of your SMB

| May 13, 2019

The position of a building manager for an SMB can be rewarding as it is challenging. The hours are long, stakes are high, and the responsibilitiesoften divided among a small workforce. In many ways, concerns about the security of assets and employees remind of those of a home and family members. Here are some ways SMB owners and managers can make sure their property and investment is safe 24/7.

Understand company culture and business risks

This is the first place to start when evaluating the appropriatesecurity solution for your business. The way you address the building security and safety tells both employees and customers about the type of company you’re looking to become. Buzzing security cameras, remotely activated doors, and mandatory ID badges might make your business feel like over-monitored. On the other hand, the lack of any visible security measures may signal a laid back approach to securing business assets and employees.

Estimate potential loss

To determine the level of digital and physical security your company needs, take a look at this universal risk analysis formula: R=PxC, where R=Risk, P=Probability, and C=Consequences. Analyse all the security incidentsyour business has had in the past two years and estimate the potential loss valued orconsequences associated witheach threat. Once this assessment is done, try to find solutions that will minimize the chances of the incident repeating, as well as reduce the impact and magnitude of the incident, and improve the recovery measures.

Ensure access control 24/7

Owners and managers of SMBs are often in motion, whether within the company premises or on the road. The latest achievements in access control systems now allow them to control access from wherever they are, using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, when the technology fails and someone gets locked out, you need a fast response locksmith service to solve the problem. For example, if a delivery driver needs to be let through the main gate, new technology allows you to grant temporary access to your premises, and revoke it as soon as the delivery is complete.

Prioritise digital security

With the increasing occurrence of data breaches, digital security measures should be high on the list of priorities for every SMB. A part of having returning customers is keeping their personal data including name, address, and credit card number safe from cyber-attacks. A sports facility that is open 24 hours a day, can be secured using a system that grants its members accessibility and keeps the unauthorized individuals out. Even with no overnight staff around, members who choose to take advantage of the extended hours don’t have to worry about their safety, while business owners can sleep well knowing that their assets and customers are protected.

Curb risks from inside

The potential security solutions shouldn’t be based strictly on efficiency and cost, but also on their impact on your business culture. For instance, if your highest risk is traced to employee theft, having round-the-clock access control paired with video surveillance eliminates the need to secure all valuable assets, which in return saves valuable time that employees would waste signing them out from a manager. Transferring these security measures to technological solutions keeps the atmosphere in the company relaxed, and allows the security manager to monitor employees without personal interaction.

While there will always be challenges that push the security system in your SMB to the limits, it’s important to asses both internal and external risks and evaluate the potential consequences before implementing any of these security measures. This not only allows you to evaluate the cost of individual solutions against the risks to your bottom line but also to evaluate the consequences a certain system would have on your business culture.