How sustainable is your office?

| October 10, 2011

After feedback from our customers about not knowing where to focus their attention when moving to a more sustainable business, we decided to enter into an alliance with GreenBizCheck.

Our commercial relationship gives Corporate Express customers FREE access to a tool that lets you see how sustainable your office is at this point in time.

The FREE GreenBizCheck mini-assessment is quick and easy-to-use helping you to identify where you are doing well and areas you could be more sustainable.

It contains 24 questions that cover many aspects of the standard office environment including office paper, toner, furniture, computers, cleaning, staff rooms and even printing and marketing.

Access the mini assessment

Once you have completed the mini assessment you will receive an action plan outlining things your business can do today to improve your sustainability score.

is a world-leading online environmental certification program. Their online assessment has been heavily researched and comprises global environmental best practice standards. Upon completion of the full assessment customers are provided with report containing a wide range of measures to take immediate action and reach Bronze (70% score), Silver (80%) or Gold Certification (90%).

Certificates and logos are then provided. At Corporate Express we have recently completed the full Certification assessment for our Mascot Head Office and were pleased to receive Silver level certification. Importantly the assessment highlighted areas within our business that we could work on to improve our sustainability.

A partnership with GreenBizCheck, an internationally acclaimed environmental certification program, will meanwhile assess and guide businesses on what they need to do in order to make their business more sustainable, without requiring a large time or financial investment.