How internal communication became so important in the modern-day workplace

| April 8, 2019

Communication is incredibly important in any workplace. However, in the modern-day workplace it seems that communication, particular internal communication has really grown in importance. With this in mind more and more businesses know that they need to improve and focus on their internal communications.

But why? What has changed in modern businesses to mean that internal communications have become more important? There are a variety of reasons why you might need to take a look at your internal communications and make some changes and here are some of the most commonplace.

Employees and departments that work in different parts of the world

It is much easier now for a business to be global, especially since the internet means that you can reach people throughout the world with the click of a button. Whilst this is great for business, it can mean that we need to employ staff that work in different countries and time zones to keep up with the demand.

Communication with people who work in different time zones can be tricky, and sometimes it can even feel impossible. The reason for this is that there is a chance that the staff across the business won’t be available to speak on the phone or online at the same time. These staff will still need the same information and access to documents as others, but they might not be able to get this due to their own time zone.

Employees working in different locations such as at home or in separate offices

Another problem with the approach to working we have at the moment (at least for internal communication that is) is the fact that many people work in different locations. This could be in other offices separate from the main one, out in the real world in client facing positions and of course in their home too. Whilst having different working locations, or perhaps the ability to work from home is great for a work/life balance as well as your business, it can really have a negative effect on internal communications across the workplace too.

When these employees are away from the main office they can feel neglected; they can feel that they are not being communicated with as much as those staff members that are in the main offices. They also can feel that they don’t have any idea on what is going on across the business and in other departments and they are the last to hear any communications.

Customers want to see that a business is communicating effectively

Customers are becoming more demanding with what they want from a company. Gone are the days when customer satisfaction is all that is needed to keep up your reputation. If you want to be a success and keep your customers as happy as possible, then now you need to show that you are able to communicate effectively within your business and empower your employees with information so that they can represent your brand as assets.

Employees work better when they feel that they are a part of their company

Employee happiness goes hand in hand with productivity and keeping up communication is a sure-fire way to make sure that your staff are happy. Not only can it help you to pass on information that relates to the business and where it is heading, but it also gives employees a chance to come back to you and give you feedback on new initiatives and share their thoughts and ideas too. Having the chance to say what they think and feel that they are being listened too, this is going to make sure that your staff feel valued, that they feel understood and that you are going to listen to their ideas and their suggested approaches in order to improve your business as a whole. Which in turn makes them want to work harder, work better and work faster for your company.

Notice boards are outdated, which means that it is time to change

Whilst a notice board in a workplace is still effective for some things, such as special events or days in the office, in the most part this traditional approach has become outdated. In order to communicate key messages that relate to your business effectively, you need to take a much more modern approach. In short, if you are still using notice boards in your workplace, it’s time for an upgrade!

If you are thinking about internal communication for your business, then you might want to consider an employee communication app. These apps are designed to make sure that your employees not only know what is happening within your business, but also be able to communicate with you and with each other. All of which can make sure that your business runs as smoothly as possible and that your customers have the best service, keeping them coming back for more and keeping you successful.