HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you do to ensure your business is resilient?

| November 2, 2020

Global Access Partners, First 5000’s parent company is focusing on Resilience for its annual Vision for Australia Summit, which this year is being hosted online due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Summit will build on the recommendations of the GAP Taskforce on National Resilience and associated workshops, developed over nine months of intense stakeholder consultations and research.

As part of our First 5000 – Have your Say initiative, we invite you to answer the following question:

What do you do to ensure your business is resilient?

Below we have included some blogs for inspiration as well as materials from the Vision for Australia Summit for inspiration:

GAP Summit Brochure/Programme – GAP
Protecting Australia’s Sovereign Research Capability in a COVID World – National Resilience project report
Manufacturing a recovery – Richard Holden
Calls for more resilience a smokescreen for broken workplaces – Professor Gary Martin
Bendigo’s Optimism ideal template for Regional Australia Manufacturing Model – Victor Perton
Survey shows 3 in 4 Australians’ mental health and wellbeing has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – Wesley Mission
Boosting Australia’s cyber resilience – Cyber Security Strategy
Tourism Budget focused on crisis recovery, resilience – Victoria Tourism Industry Council
The importance of resilience when running a business – Pamala Jabbour
Innovation key to resilience – Geraint Hudson
Ability to up or down scale supports resilience – Anne Miles
7 ways to build your resilience – Lawrence Mitchell
In a time of uncertainty, who in marketing can you turn to mentor you? – Darren Woolley
Building resilience in challenging times – Gillian Fish
Six tips to make your business resilient In 2021 – Adrian Floate
How to improve Australia’s national resilience: GAP Summit – Catherine Fritz-Kalish

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