Have your say: Energy Security and Affordability

| November 18, 2014

First 5000 members are invited to have your say on The Futures Project’s enquiry into Energy Security and Affordability. Submissions close Friday 19 December 2014.

The NSW Energy Security Summit in September 2013 identified a number of challenges that could significantly disrupt the State’s energy security.

The Summit participants agreed that there were a number of options to achieving a more secure and affordable supply of electricity and gas. It was also recommended that the State government take a more active role in educating the community about the challenges we face and the options available to us down the track.

All but 16 per cent of gas used in NSW goes into industrial, commercial and generation (of electricity) activities. At the same time, more than 60 per cent of homes in NSW use gas and close to 30 per cent of all household energy in the State is provided by gas (either directly, or by way of gas-powered electricity generation).

However, NSW produces only 5 per cent of its overall gas needs. The remaining 95 per cent is piped in from Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. The commencement of gas ‘liquefaction’ in Queensland may both divert gas offshore and see NSW forced to purchase gas at international market prices. If nothing changes by 2016 NSW could be paying for its gas supply at prices that are significantly higher than those charged today.

This is your opportunity to shape government policy and trigger government action. 

The Futures Project believes that the crowd is smarter than most elites would allow. The more the crowd is kept informed and the more the crowd is invited to participate in the process, the better the outcomes for an open democracy – the bigger the crowd, the more diverse the crowd, the more powerful the influence.

The Futures Project therefore invites you to participate in an on-line social engagement enquiry into Energy Security and Affordability. Click on the link below for direct access.




Importantly, given the significance of scale to the process, please help The Futures Project reach the largest possible crowd. Cast your own stone into the pond of extended on-line engagement and forward this invitation to your own social network.