Have your say: copyright and the digital economy

| September 4, 2012


You are invited to have your say on the on the first consultation paper for the Inquiry about Copyright law, Copyright and the Digital Economy.

Submissions close: Friday, 16 November 2012.

Under the Terms of Reference for the Copyright Inquiry, the ALRC is to consider whether exceptions and statutory licences in the Copyright Act 1968 are adequate and appropriate in the digital environment and whether further exceptions should be recommended.

The Issues Paper is the first formal publication of the Inquiry, intended to help frame discussion and encourage public consultation at an early stage.

It provides background information about copyright in the digital environment, highlights the issues so far identified in preliminary research and consultations, and outlines the principles that will shape the ALRC’s proposals for reform.

It asks more than 50 questions about how the current copyright framework is affecting both commercial and creative enterprise and how current exceptions and statutory licences are working in the digital environment.

Further information and documentation.

The ALRC is due to report by 30 November 2013.