Have your say: ACSC Small business survey

| June 17, 2019

The ACSC Small Business Survey is being shared with a range of government and small business support groups around Australia, inviting members and stakeholders to participate.

For the Head of the ACSC, Lt General John Frewen, listening to Australia’s small business community to better understand this important sector’s concerns and needs – even what they think ‘cyber security’ means – is vital.

‘The ACSC Small Business Survey will provide a real-time snapshot of what’s happening on the ground in the some 2.3 million small businesses operating in Australia today, and help us to prioritise the information we develop for this diverse and prevalent sector of the economy.’

The survey results will assist the ACSC to better understand the types of challenges confronting small businesses, so they can develop tailor made products and advice to specifically address their needs.

Products including how-to guides and a new Small Business Guide, with easy-to-understand cyber security advice, will help businesses manage cyber security risks on a day-to-day basis.

NSW Small Business Commissioner, Robyn Hobbs OAM, knows too well the impacts of cyber security incidents on small businesses.

‘Falling victim to cybercrime can be absolutely devastating for small business owners, taking a toll not only on the business, but also on their emotional and mental health,’ Ms Hobbs said.

Founder and CEO of the Small Business Association of Australia, Anne Nalder, echoes Ms Hobbs’ sentiments, and urges small businesses to take part in the survey to help the ACSC deliver increasingly targeted advice and assistance.

‘Small business owners need to understand what a cyber security incident is, how it can affect their business, the different types of cyber threats and how they can develop strong defences against those threats.’

South Australia’s Small Business Commissioner, John Chapman, reiterated the benefits of completing the survey.

‘Inadequate cyber security has the potential to destroy a small business. By completing this survey, the ACSC will be able to better deliver support to you.’

Further information about the survey and how to complete it is available here. For further information on what small businesses can do to help reverse the threat of cybercrime, visit www.staysmartonline.gov.au.