Grants help drive automotive innovation

| June 12, 2019

Devices which pick up when drivers are getting tired and save on fuel consumption are among the projects to share in almost $2.5 million dollars in funding from the Morrison Government.

The Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants program will help the businesses enhance the design and development of their products.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said the array of projects show how Australia’s automotive industry is transitioning.

“These grants are part of the Liberal National Government’s ongoing efforts to support the automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors, a vital part of our economy,” Minister Andrews said.

“These grants will help the businesses get their products to market sooner, which will grow the economy and create new Australian jobs.

“The Liberal National Government is committed to encouraging Australian businesses with the initiative and ability to pursue ground-breaking ideas.”

The successful applicants are:

  • Brown & Watson International (VIC) with a $200,000 grant to help develop an automotive lighting project, which will appeal to 4WD enthusiasts and long distance transport users.
  • Disc Brakes Australia (NSW) with a $107,100 grant to help develop a new light-weight, composite, performance disc brake rotor to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle safety.
  • Composite Materials Engineering (VIC) with a $200,000 grant to help create and validate an advanced lightweight body panel.
  • Optalert (VIC) with a $168,302 grant to help develop an early warning drowsiness detection video system for driver monitoring.
  • Impact Import Group (VIC) with a $142,610 grant for help with a storage drawer system for restraint and security of loads for industry and recreational vehicles.
  • Eurospares (VIC) with a $200,000 grant to help the development of disc brake systems to replace inferior drum brakes on a range of popular SUVs and light commercial vehicles.
  • Fitmycar (VIC) with a $200,000 grant to further the development and prototyping of the new Bedrock floor liner product.
  • Maxitrans Industries (VIC) with a $200,000 grant to assist with an innovative suspension solution for truck trailers.
  • TJM Products (QLD) with a $187,000 grant to help with the development of a canopy solution that suits a variety of trade and recreational uses.
  • HRDS Technologies (NSW) with a $200,000 grant for development of a device for heavy vehicles to reduce harmful emissions by substantially reducing the fuel used.
  • Lumen Freedom (VIC) with a $200,000 grant for testing of a Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging System.
  • Altair Aviation (VIC) with a $199,540 grant for development of a new locking differential for 4WD and off road vehicles that is stronger and more robust than existing designs.
  • Battleist (VIC) with a $175,000 grant to finalise development of a device that measures the side slip angle (also known as oversteer angle or drift angle) of a vehicle in motion.
  • Total Ability (NSW) with a $74,500 grant for development of a platform to allow people with quadriplegia and other severe physical disabilities to drive a modified vehicle safely and competently.

The Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants program is a key element of the Government’s $100 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund. Each of the grants will be matched by industry funding from the businesses.

The Coalition’s support for the automotive and advanced manufacturing industries is part of our rational plan to boost our economy and help create 1.25 million new jobs in the next five years.

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