Employing senior staff worth more than $1000 gov bonus

| May 1, 2012

Sarina Russo, Founder and Managing Director of Sarina Russo Job Access believes employers need to realise mature aged workers are of much more value than a $1000 bonus offered as part of a government plan to make it easier for older people to find a job.

In mid April the federal governmnet announced bosses will be offered a $1000 sweetener if they hire people aged 50 as part of the Jobs Bonus scheme. However, it’s not just about monetary reward, it is important to take a look at the skills and experience mature workers bring to the table. 

Mature aged workers are a valuable workforce asset in their own right because they stay in the job longer, are absent less and are a stabilising influence at work.

This stability, determination, desire to want to work, reliability, attention to detail and politeness are all simple things but they make a big difference in a workplace.

Another great bonus is that mature aged employees are valuable mentors and life coaches for our ‘instant gratification’ Generation Y employees.

The reality is mature-aged workers have lots of valuable skills and life experiences to offer business.

Sarina Russo Job Access works with both employers and mature aged jobseekers to overcome preconceived objections hiring older Australians.

The first step in getting mature aged people back to work is to change their mindset so they can overcome any objections raised by employers.

If a jobseeker thinks their age is a problem they will transfer this concern directly to the employer.

Mature aged jobseekers must ask themselves some hard questions which will go a long way in easing the concerns of most employers.

•             What experience and skills I can offer?

•             Do I look healthy? Am I healthy?

•             Do I present a professional modern image?

•             Am I up with the latest technology and willing to except new ideas?

•             Can I take criticism or supervision from someone younger than me?

•             Do I have a rigid management or work style?

•             Am I comfortable forming work relationships with younger co-workers?

Employers should keep these questions in mind when interviewing mature aged jobseekers to ensure they get the right fit for their business.

The bottom line is employers who fail to challenge ‘inaccurate’ stereotypes about older workers will miss out on productivity benefits of tapping into this invaluable talent pool.

The Jobs Bonus will be available from 1 July 2012.

Sarina Russo is the founder and managing director of the education, recruitment and investment companies that form the Sarina Russo Group. Having worked in various legal secretary roles and as a part-time typing teacher, Russo launched her own business ‘The Office Business Academy’ in 1979. The business started with nine students, and now, more than 5000 students graduate annually from Sarina Russo Schools and Sarina Russo Job Access places over 25,000 people into employment.