Deloitte dominates AMI marketing awards

| October 31, 2011

Professional services firm and First 5000 partner, Deloitte has been recognised as one of Australia’s leading marketers by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

Deloitte partner and chief marketing officer David Redhill was named Certified Practising Marketer of the Year, while Deloitte Fantasy Football, which harnessed social media on a global level, took out the top gong for best internal marketing campaign.

Redhill said key reasons for its strong showing across the awards were that that company harnessed its 5700 staff as well as social media.

“Our people are incredibly smart and creative. They are also increasingly our most powerful channel to market,” Redhill said.

“When you look at the various technology, media and applications that marketers can use today, there are unlimited possibilities for disseminating a message. But it’s only through generating a groundswell of ideas inside a business, and channelling those ideas to create brand advocates outside it, that you can deliver a truly engaging message.”

Redhill said Deloitte is finding that the more it gives its staff the ability to participate in the building of the brand, the more they grab that opportunity.

“[They] surprise us with their passion for new ideas, for collaboration, and for bringing our strategy to life. To see Deloitte Fantasy Football, run on a budget of less than $30,000 edge out million dollar campaigns from banks, telcos and media operators, was a huge testament not only to our internal brand, multimedia and digital team, but also to the power of good ideas and a culture of participation.

Deloitte’s Fantasy Football competition, which leveraged the 2010 FIFA World Cup, was initiated by the Deloitte Australia firm, but engaged more than 40,000 people around the world in over 70 countries through a combination of conventional brand communications and “ambush” marketing via a social media strategy.

Participants included government departments at the highest levels, and Deloitte’s own competitors and their clients, enabling Deloitte brand exposure to the staff and clients of all its major competitors.

Deloitte was the only professional services firm to make the national AMI Awards finals this year, with campaigns shortlisted in six categories including Brand Extension, Social Marketing, Education, Brand Experience, and Multimedia & Interactive.

The 2011 marketing awards signal the first time that an accounting and consulting firm’s head of marketing has been recognised as Marketer of the Year. The category hastraditionally been dominated the consumer, retail, technology, hospitality and other sectors.
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