COVID-19 presents opportunity to digitise and improve digital IQ

| May 7, 2020

How is your business going to do things differently post COVID-19?

At Kelly+Partners we intend to take this crisis as an opportunity not to be wasted . There are specific ways we believe we can improve our business that include :

1. Look to digitise every possible existing process and improve the digital IQ of all team members.

We believe that technology is going to change every industry and we want to make sure that we acknowledge this fact. We will continue to take overwhelming action to ensure that we are at the leading edge of adoption of technology that can help us better service our clients

2. Be ruthless about client selection to ensure that we are partnering in long term mutually beneficial relationships.

We must make sure that the clients that we work with have at least the commitment that we have to be excellent. The competitiveness of the economy will threaten the survival of businesses that are not committed to excellence, so choosing to partner with winners is critical.

3.  Ensure that we reduce by 50% the cost of accommodating our team members by using more flexible working arrangements.

We have seen our teams work extremely well with each other and our clients during this crisis. We believe that this pattern of hybrid working that is focused around what works for our teams and our clients is the way to win in the future.

Finally, we fundamentally believe that being progressive in our mindset while continuing to be a principles based business gives us an advantage in finding great people, attracting great clients and delivering service excellence.

How is your business going to do things differently post COVID-19?

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