Remote work

  • Why most businesses still haven’t learnt their WFH lesson

    Maureen Kyne     |      August 16, 2021

    Workplace expert Maureen Kyne from Maureen Kyne & Associates has sent a warning shot across the bow for companies to do better at managing their remote workforce, or potentially risk legal action.

  • 6 Easy Tips for a Productive and Cozy Home Office

    Amelia Atkins     |      June 30, 2021

    The past year and a half were hectic with many of us being forced to create a makeshift home office to work out of. No matter if you like this remote work arrangement or not, the reality is that many working people are considering creating more permanent and stylish home office solutions. If you’re one […]

  • How to replace the water cooler if your team works from home

    Nina Fountain     |      May 4, 2021

    Are you concerned about the impact of remote working on your team’s culture? Many prominent leaders are also concerned, Nina Fountain of Transformed Teams explains. 

  • Home office hacks for maximum business productivity

    First 5000     |      March 1, 2021

    While the home office has become a necessity for many of us over the past year, those who have run businesses from home for years say most people get it wrong when trying to create the right environment and mindset for working and running a business from home.

  • Move over WFH, WOD is the next new normal

    Gary Martin     |      February 12, 2021

    With the exception of the coronavirus pandemic itself, working from home became the biggest headline grabbing news story of 2020, but a new trend is set to emerge this year, according to Professor Gary Martin CEO of AIM WA.

  • The battle to retain COVID’s flexible work arrangements

    Dominique Allen     |      December 9, 2020

    Monash Business School academics Associate Professor Dominique Allen and Ms Adriana Orifici examine what employees and businesses can learn from their experience of working remotely and identify how legal protections that encourage flexibility could be strengthened.

  • Women want COVID-19 flexibility to stay: survey

    First 5000     |      November 13, 2020

    Working from home during COVID-19 brought meaningful flexible work to the NSW public sector and allowed women to balance their jobs and lives, according to the Public Service Association’s first ever What Women Want survey. 

  • How to get your creative team working together when they’re working apart

    Nina Fountain     |      November 11, 2020

    It won’t be long before many of us have access to a ‘hybrid remote week’ where you are working part of the time together in person with our colleagues, and part of the time away from the office, explains Nina Fountain of Transformed Teams.

  • You don’t need a flexible work policy, you need this

    Nina Fountain     |      September 22, 2020

    One of the most popular enquiries Nina Fountain from Transformed Teams has received from her network during COVID-19 is for advice on flexible work policies. Despite all the focus on policies, Nina explains why they don’t deliver and what you should be doing instead.

  • Get your message across to your team, without confusion

    Nina Fountain     |      August 20, 2020

    Distractions are unavoidable for remote teams, but according to Nina Fountain of Transformed Teams there is a solution you can employ.

  • Make the most of remote work with the hybrid week

    Nina Fountain     |      July 17, 2020

    Business leaders around the world are adapting to a new normal COVID-19 world. Team members have grown more accustomed to choosing how, where, and when they work best – and in many cases, they have been more productive. Leaders are starting to consider shifting towards a more flexible week.

  • How working from home is making us more authentic

    Darren Woolley     |      July 2, 2020

    Stripped of the trappings of the corporate world and reframed through any one of the ubiquitous video conferencing platforms, COVID-19 has created a world where business conversations have become more authentic and human. Darren Woolley of TrinityP3 explains.

  • Trust and communication let you ace remote teamwork

    Nina Fountain     |      July 1, 2020

    Reliable, cohesive teams are built on trust and strong communication. Fast Company warns that uncertainty about accountability in remote work leads to two common problems: managers micromanaging and employees overworking to prove themselves. Nina Foundation from Transformed Teams explains.

  • Working from Home: the Pros and Cons for your Business

    Zoran Sarabaca     |      June 26, 2020

    With more and more employees working from home during the COVID 19 restrictions, business owners are considering how much this affects productivity. Zoran Sarabaca of Xcllusive Business Sales looks at the pros and cons of employees working from home.

  • Working from home: the end of the office as we know it?

    Ben Knight     |      April 20, 2020

    Work from home if you can – that has been the message from governments attempting to curb the spread of the coronavirus. And while companies worldwide were forced into standing up their workforce remotely, it may work so well that many will consider making it permanent.

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