• Why cost cutting is not the answer for businesses looking to come back stronger

    First 5000     |      July 14, 2021

    It’s easy to understand why so many companies default to cost-cutting as a way to cope with disrupted revenue streams and lower cash flow due to the pandemic but it’s not the answer according to Konica Minolta.

  • Why businesses must look beyond score chasing to improve their culture

    Ben Bars     |      June 15, 2021

    Employee net promoter scores (eNPS) – do they really tell the full story? Ben Bars, CEO of culture consultancy We Are Unity explains that if a business genuinely seeks to make a cultural change, it needs to identify the root cause of the problem.

  • Experience, knowledge and commitment: valuing older workers

    Meagan Lawson     |      June 3, 2021

    Current practices, experiences and barriers to work place participation from mature workers, and the types of support and intervention that will best meet the needs of employees and employers across a range of businesses are highlighted in a new report from Challenger and COTA NSW.

  • How to establish an onboarding process to cross generational gaps

    Lisa Michaels     |      May 26, 2021

    No matter what kind of company you run, you need great processes in place. Apart from marketing, sales, and finance, you should have a well-designed onboarding process that helps you welcome your new employees in the best way possible. Lisa Michaels explains. 

  • Small businesses thrive amid rush to buy Australian Made  

    First 5000     |      May 25, 2021

    Small and family businesses are benefiting from a significant boost in consumer sentiment, with new research revealing 93 per cent of Aussies prefer to buy products made in Australia.

  • New rules to allow small business tradies to follow the work  

    First 5000     |      May 18, 2021

    Small business tradespeople will be able to meet the demand for their skills wherever they are in Australia under new laws passed by the Senate, according to Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson. 

  • How do you determine if you have a healthy business culture?

    Jeff Cooper     |      May 14, 2021

    As employers frantically seek ways to ensure their new hybrid workplace models are operating with staff wellness in mind, some businesses remain unaware of deeper cultural issues that have been permeating since long before the pandemic started, Jeff Cooper explains.

  • OECD sends strong signal on importance of SMEs, Entrepreneurship

    First 5000     |      May 7, 2021

    The creation of a new Committee on SMEs and Entrepreneurship by the OECD highlights the organisation’s recognition of the importance of SMEs and entrepreneurship to our economies and societies, and on the critical role they can play in driving a sustainable, inclusive, green and resilient recovery.

  • Investment in mature aged workers positively impacts your business

    Peter Cheel     |      April 28, 2021

    Given a lack of holistic retirement planning by mature age workers and the resultant costly decisions which impact retirees, help is needed to support them to plan effectively, Peter Cheel business coach and leadership development consultant explains.

  • In-box zero status remains elusive to many

    Gary Martin     |      April 16, 2021

    Every day we desperately try to clear emails to achieve that much sought-after but elusive inbox zero status. Professor Gary Martin, looks at overflowing inboxes.

  • Business conditions reach record high

    First 5000     |      April 14, 2021

    Business conditions rose to a record high in March, driven by strong increases in all sub- components – which are all now also all at record highs, according to the March NAB Group Economics Monthly Business Survey. 

  • Reflections on the end of JobKeeper

    Peter Strong     |      April 13, 2021

    JobKeeper ended on Sunday 28 March and, as with most things, this is good and bad, COSBOA CEO Peter Strong explains. 

  • Businesses buoyed by Govt stimulus to face cashflow pressures

    First 5000     |      April 12, 2021

    Corporate and personal insolvencies have declined to record low levels following the implementation of COVID-induced temporary protections, according to the 2021 AICM Risk Report.

  • Breaking the skills shortage barrier for Australian businesses

    First 5000     |      April 1, 2021

    Skill shortages are becoming a significant barrier, particularly for the businesses attempting to make a recovery out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Joint Standing Committee on Migration has released an Interim Report for the Inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration. 

  • Time for a disclosure about email disclaimers

    Gary Martin     |      March 30, 2021

    Disclaimers that appear at the end of emails have become an inescapable accompaniment to almost all business communications. But just as they seem to be proliferating and growing in length, Professor Gary Martin is questioning whether these wordy wonders serve any real purpose.

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