Build your business success with 5 key business toolkits  

| November 29, 2018

Managing a business is an exciting journey but SMEs often face challenges with growth and profitability and it’s hard to know where to seek funding, advice and support to take them to the next level, or to commercialise ideas and innovations. How do you develop and implement the tools and structures needed to create the best platform for your business to thrive?

I’m passionate about helping SMEs grow. I’ve had an extensive career working in large corporations in both management and board roles, holds several ASX- listed company board positions and am a serial angel investor. I felt compelled to share the knowledge gained in my 30-plus years’ experience in my new book Call A Business Angel.

Too many businesses fail due to poor analysis and execution. Call a Business Angel provides five easy-to-follow toolkits that every SME should use in developing and growing their business.

The five toolkits are designed to guide you in:

  1. Setting strategy
  2. Business planning
  3. Marketing
  4. Building a business portfolio
  5. Tracking progress.

Following these toolkits takes the guesswork out of developing a product/service, understanding the market and pricing models, how to market, business structure and measurements of performance.

If it’s funding that your business needs, the book provides invaluable insight and templates on how to pitch to angel investors, how to select the right angel investor, what they are looking for and how they will assess your pitch.

The book is designed to complement the great innovation and free thinking that exists in small growing companies by providing useful advice and tools that give them a much greater chance of being successful. Call a Business Angel is intended to inspire you on your journey from idea creation and pitch to sustainable commercialisation.

I believe the book is a valuable companion to those on the journey and provides a balanced amount of inspiration and useful tools and frameworks.

Call A Business Angel (Major Street Publishing, $29.95) is available from all good booksellers and online sites. Readers of are eligible for a 20% discount from the publisher directly by using the code: First5000 at