Australians can now receive their wages in Bitcoin

| April 21, 2021

Australians can now receive a portion of their employment wages in Bitcoin using a new service from Bitcoin payments company, Living Room of Satoshi.

The ‘Wages’ service allows a user to nominate a percentage of their regular pay to be converted to Bitcoin and instantly sent to their Wallet of Satoshi Bitcoin Lightning wallet. Wallet of Satoshi is a free application for iOS and Android, also created by the founders of Living Room of Satoshi, that boasts tens of thousands of active users worldwide.

CEO Daniel Alexiuc said Bitcoin has seen its price rise astronomically in the last 6 months, which has triggered an unprecedented buy-in from institutional investors.

“We wanted to provide an option for regular folks in Australia to also join this burgeoning ecosystem and the simplest and most pain-free way is to have a small percentage of your wage converted and sent to you when you get paid.”