5 Tips For Corporate Social Responsibility

| July 7, 2022

A good business cannot only sell its products to consumers in large numbers but also show that its company runs with good values ​​and foundations. It is one of the most effective good business strategies for building customer trust and loyalty.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate social responsibility to impact society positively. It is not only about the company’s voluntary activities to fulfill its social and environmental obligations. 

Corporate social responsibility activities are expected to solve social and environmental problems. Therefore, every company needs the right Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Here are five tips for Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Align Mission with Core Values

The first tip is to ensure your company’s CSR activities align with your company’s vision, mission, and values.

Public relations or the party responsible for CSR activities must understand what the company wants to achieve. You should know various other essential things, such as key messages, culture, and company guidelines. 

Then, you can determine several choices of CSR strategies that your company can use based on their relevance to the needs of today’s society. 

It might take a lot of effort and time consuming, but it will be more appreciated than doing other ways that are not in line with company goals.

2. Promote Your CSR Activities

The next step in implementing social responsibility for companies is to do promotions. Because the more people who know and get involved, the better. You can start promoting through your social media accounts before and after the CSR event. 

You can use video marketing to introduce your CSR activities to the broader community. Several types of video marketing can attract people’s attention, such as explainer videos, live videos, event recap videos, etc.

This promotion can be a good marketing technique and foster a good image of the company regarding the company’s concern for the environment and humans.

3. Gather Support From Employees

The best way to conduct corporate social responsibility is to show right away that everyone cares.

You can start with involving employees in planning activities, listening to their initiatives, and getting them involved. Employees may have ideas that are more realistic and easier to work with. 

This, at the same time, can build solidarity between employees or the company with residents. It can prove that there are no social inequalities, and the company’s existence does not threaten the residents’ survival.

4. Crunch The Numbers

The next tip is to prepare a company budget that will be used for your company’s CSR needs. It will require in-depth calculations and research so that your company’s CSR runs smoothly.

To get started:

  • Make sure that your social plan is approved.
  • Make a plan or estimate the required costs.
  • If necessary, make comparisons with other companies.

The existence of a detailed financial plan will make a good impression in the eyes of superiors. It means that the company also has financial responsibilities now and in the future.

5. Make Your CSR Profitable

CSR is more than doing social responsibility and sharing goodness in society. However, companies must also find opportunities for their CSR.

These opportunities can be in the form of future collaborations, profits, or increased brand awareness in the community.

This opportunity is one of the significant considerations for the company so that its CSR strategy can positively impact the community and the company. Thus, measuring the company’s profits in corporate social responsibility activities is essential.


A corporate social responsibility program is one of the business strategies in showing the public that their company is a company that runs with good values and foundations. It can give a good impression and lead to your customers’ trust in your business.

Corporate social responsibility has a crucial role in every business. Thus, Implementing the five top tips mentioned above in your strategy will help your business create a successful program with a lasting impact.



How is your organisation stepping up to responsible business? 

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