• R&D tax investment takes a hit

    Tony Peacock     |     October 20, 2018

    The Australian Government has released details of its investment in research and development, showing a disappointing drop of almost 8% in total expenditure from $10.4b to $9.6b. The biggest loser appears 

  • CRC budget roundup

    Tony Peacock     |     May 10, 2018

    The Government will provide $25 million of new funding over the forward estimates to the CRC Program for research and development on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The CRC Association understands 

  • Cooperative Research Centres Update

    Tony Peacock     |     February 26, 2018

    The 19th selection round of Cooperative Research Centres is nearing completion, with an announcement on the successful CRCs expected in the next fortnight.

    Six bids were interviewed by the


  • Cooperative Research Council review

    Tony Peacock     |     December 19, 2017

    The six short-listed Cooperative Research Council proposals for the 19th Selection Round submitted their full bids last week. Future Fuels, Smart Farming, Digital Health, Fighting Food Waste and Fraud, Future