• Thinking of selling your family business?

    Simon Bedard     |     August 10, 2018

    Family businesses form the backbone of economies the world over. Examples include Amy’s Kitchen, started by a US couple who turned their kitchen-based organic food business into a $500 million 

  • Negotiation secrets from a successful exit strategy

    Simon Bedard     |     July 9, 2018

    How bold will you be when it comes to selling your business? Dan Martell was willing to go big! In a recent interview with John Warrillow, the founder of the Value 

  • 3 ways to make your company more valuable than your industry peers

    Simon Bedard     |     July 4, 2018

    Have you ever wondered what determines the value of your business? Perhaps you’ve heard an industry rule of thumb and assumed that your company will be worth about the same as 

  • How to prevent 2017 from turning into Groundhog Day

    Simon Bedard     |     February 7, 2017

    Now that Australia Day is behind us and the kids have gone back to school, this is one of the first serious weeks back at work for lots of people.  

  • Rethink your business priorities for the new year

    Simon Bedard     |     December 15, 2016

    During the festive season business leaders are often thinking about what their key initiatives or objectives should be for the following year. There can be a lot of conflicting thoughts around