• Changes to pay secrecy explained

    Sean Melbourne     |     June 14, 2023

    Now that the penalties for pay secrecy clauses have kicked in, let's take a look at what people can and can't do when it comes to pay secrecy: The 

  • Changes to unpaid parental leave

    Sean Melbourne     |     May 16, 2023

    There are some changes to the laws on unpaid parental leave that kick in on 6 June 2023, so now is a good time to update your parental 

  • Can an employer require someone to work on a public holiday?

    Sean Melbourne     |     April 5, 2023

    Findings last week by the full Federal Court mean that many employers will need to change the way they have been approaching people working this Easter. Sean Melbourne from Source 

  • COVID vaccine and workplace incentives

    Sean Melbourne     |     July 8, 2021

    Can employers offer incentives to their employees to get vaccinated? Sean Melbourne, Director and Head of Employment Law at Source looks at an issue that has sparked debate.  

  • JOBKEEPER 2.0: Questions remain

    Sean Melbourne     |     July 23, 2020

    JOBKEEPER 2.0: What hasn't been addressed is what will happen with all of the directions to reduce hours that employers have made under the Jobkeeper legislation. Employment law expert Sean Melbourne 

  • How to communicate to employees about coronavirus

    Sean Melbourne     |     February 26, 2020

    While the risk of coronavirus is still low in Australia, it is a concern for many businesses, particularly those with employees who travel to Asia. There are various degrees 

  • Do you have your Whistleblower Policy in place?

    Sean Melbourne     |     January 31, 2020

    Are you aware public companies and “large proprietary companies” (this includes mid sized businesses) were required to have a Whistleblower Policy in place and made available to employees by

  • Source shares Christmas party workplace behaviour template

    Sean Melbourne     |     December 13, 2019

    If your business is having a Christmas Party its important for your employees to understand appropriate behaviour.  For any businesses who would like to send a communication to 

  • How to deal with false and vexatious employee claims

    Sean Melbourne     |     December 5, 2019

    All too often aggrieved employees lodge unfair dismissal claims purely to spite their employers, and those employers are then forced to invest time and resources in conciliating or settling. How 

  • Cup Day sickies cause headaches for employers

    Sean Melbourne     |     November 5, 2019

    Falling ill or getting injured is a natural part of life. No reasonable employer can expect their employees to never take a day of sick leave but there there can