• How our pandemic personas put pressure on leaders

    Gary Martin     |     February 24, 2022

    If Scott Morrison wanted to give himself a much-needed shot in the arm in the run-up to the Federal election, he could remind himself that he is far from the 

  • Take a brutal look at your life before hanging up your hat

    Gary Martin     |     May 27, 2021

    It is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives though far too often we get it wrong. We are talking about the decision to retire – the 

  • Pandemic pushes some to embrace the YOLO movement

    Gary Martin     |     May 11, 2021

    If you have not come across the term YOLO, then you should take some time out to get up to speed because, as they say, “you only live once”. The YOLO 

  • In-box zero status remains elusive to many

    Gary Martin     |     April 16, 2021

    Each work day begins the same way – with a number. It could be 220 or 128 or, if luck is on your side, something less than 100. You can avoid 

  • It might be time to shift your online job search offline

    Gary Martin     |     April 9, 2021

    Despite a so-called boom, thousands of job seekers are frustrated because they cannot find a job. For them, it seems their applications for positions advertised online are simply being sucked into 

  • Time for a disclosure about email disclaimers

    Gary Martin     |     March 30, 2021

    There is a good chance you have seen the cautionary and often threatening tails that hang off the end of emails of practically anyone you do business with. They might start 

  • Watch out for the family friendly workplace facade

    Gary Martin     |     March 23, 2021

    Part-time roles, flexible work arrangements including four-day working weeks and opportunities to work remotely. Add to that reduced stress, no more overnight travel away from your loved ones, in-house child 

  • Time’s up for toxic workplaces

    Gary Martin     |     March 10, 2021

    The workplace that runs the country is regularly cast into the spotlight amid allegations it acts as a fertile breeding ground for any number of toxic behaviours such as bullying, 

  • Mental health must be front of mind in our workplaces

    Gary Martin     |     February 24, 2021

    If there is a single topic front of mind for many in the business community this year it has to be mental health and wellbeing. Recognising that a cocktail of COVID-19 

  • The job interview is way past its best before date

    Gary Martin     |     February 18, 2021

    Your heart begins to pound like a jack hammer, your palms are sweaty and it feels as if dozens of expectant eyes are boring holes right through you. This is not 

  • Move over WFH, WOD is the next new normal

    Gary Martin     |     February 12, 2021

    With the exception of the coronavirus pandemic itself, working from home became the biggest headline grabbing news story of 2020. As the new working year hits it stride, while many continue 

  • Time to embrace workplace imbalance

    Gary Martin     |     January 28, 2021

    With the festive season over for another year, thoughts will turn to the months ahead. If you have already resolved to achieve work-life balance

  • Time for your workplace well-being to get a health check

    Gary Martin     |     January 14, 2021

    Corporate wellness and workplace well-being are having a moment in the sun – even though some say they are simply making another comeback. Powered by a pandemic that has wreaked havoc 

  • New Year resolutions to inspire adaptability at work

    Gary Martin     |     January 4, 2021

    As many of us take a well-earned break to kick off the new year, thoughts will turn to finalising those new year resolutions to guide our personal lives:


  • Why hoarding your holidays is a recipe for disaster

    Gary Martin     |     December 16, 2020

    One of the great joys in life is taking a break from work — getting away from it all,


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