• Family businesses must look beyond traditional sources of capital

    David Harland     |     November 8, 2018

    Just like any other business, a family business will need funding from time to time. Usually, this will be to fund growth, but it might also be necessary to manage 

  • 14 questions before you retire from the family firm

    David Harland     |     April 3, 2018

    Whether it’s because of underfunded retirement plans, lack of succession or sales options, or a sheer unwillingness to relinquish the reins, family business leaders are increasingly delaying the transition to 

  • Five ways to start SME succession planning

    David Harland     |     March 31, 2018

    Every well-governed small business needs a succession plan. This is doubly true for family businesses, where personal conflicts and emotions often need to be managed. The process is not always 

  • How to manage conflict in family firms

    David Harland     |     March 20, 2018

    Rodney E. Evans, a professor at the Institute for Enterprise in Family Business, once remarked that “family businesses are fertile fields for conflict.” In an article for the Journal of the