• Embrace digital transformation now or risk falling behind

    Adrian Floate     |     June 26, 2023

    Today, digital transformation is no longer a forward-thinking option, but a necessity for all businesses aiming to maintain their competitive advantage. The prospect of economic uncertainty can prompt sweeping cost-cutting 

  • COVID, business cash flow, legislation changes

    Adrian Floate     |     February 8, 2021

    Australian small to medium businesses (SMEs) have a cash flow problem and despite government legislation implemented on 1 January 2021, many may not survive if lockdowns and trading restrictions


  • Why all businesses should let their customers pay like Uber

    Adrian Floate     |     January 7, 2021

    COVID-19 and the resulting decline in business activity has made it necessary for businesses to provide safe, fast and easy payment options for customers.

    Industry disruptors like Uber introduced


  • Six tips to make your business resilient In 2021

    Adrian Floate     |     December 11, 2020

    If 2020 has taught business owners anything, it is the importance of being agile and resilient. For most businesses, the past year was a whirlwind

  • Biden’s hopes realised with heady surge of Aussie fintechs

    Adrian Floate     |     November 23, 2020

    US President-Elect Joe Biden’s hopes for Australia to be the innovation hub of the southern hemisphere have been realised if our burgeoning fintech industry