• In defence of command and control

    Adam O’Donnell     |     November 25, 2018

    I’m told that at one point in time Every breath you take by The Police was one of the most popular choices by couples for their wedding dance. When I heard 

  • The most important thing I learned in the military

    Adam O’Donnell     |     November 4, 2018

    A question from an audience member at a recent speaking engagement really got me thinking. He simply asked me "what's the most important thing you learnt in the Army that 

  • Culture and challenge in the corporate world

    Adam O’Donnell     |     October 28, 2018

    When I was deployed to Bosnia as part of a NATO peacekeeping mission, minefields were something we came across fairly regularly. They were marked in a range of ways - 

  • Do you serve to lead?

    Adam O’Donnell     |     October 10, 2018

    The biggest difference I’ve observed consistently between the corporate world and the military is how we view leadership. From the moment an Officer Cadet arrives at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 

  • Hope is not a method statement

    Adam O’Donnell     |     April 9, 2018

    Whether it's on combat operations in Afghanistan or managing multi-million dollar projects there's one word that my team have learned not to use when they're briefing me on their planned 

  • Be in charge without being in control

    Adam O’Donnell     |     March 5, 2018

    Managers today are bombarded from all sides with demands to increase employee engagement and for good reason too.  Plenty of research shows that highly engaged employees perform better, stay longer 

  • Make a decision

    Adam O’Donnell     |     January 11, 2016

    Your business decisions are having a different outcome to what you expected? So what, writes Adam O’Donnell, it’s better than making no decision at all. Let me begin by telling you 

  • The art of giving feedback

    Adam O’Donnell     |     September 11, 2015

    As a manager, do you enjoy giving your staff feedback? And as an employee, do you enjoy receiving it? It’s time to stop interpreting feedback as criticism and instead see 

  • An alternative to recruitment interviewing

    Adam O’Donnell     |     June 23, 2015

    Looking at hiring new staff? Adam O’Donnell reviews how to ensure that you get an accurate picture of who is going to join your business. I've had a few conversations 

  • Increasing employee engagement

    Adam O’Donnell     |     February 5, 2015

    Do you provide an environment that helps your staff perform? Corporate Commando, Adam O'Donnell explains the art of getting people to 

  • Difference between average & elite? Just 1%

    Adam O’Donnell     |     October 7, 2014

    If you wish to succeed at something it's important to take a slow approach. Corporate Commando Adam O'Donnell highlights how to excel 

  • Ensuring workplace conflict remains constructive rather than destructive

    Adam O’Donnell     |     August 14, 2014

    It's easy for workplace conflict to spiral out of control. Corporate Commando Adam O’Donnell shares his ideas on how to 

  • Waging war on micro-managers

    Adam O’Donnell     |     July 24, 2014

    Would you like to boost productivity in your business? Corporate Commando, Adam O'Donnell says micro-management doesn't work. War, sport and business