• Just 25% of female and minority employees say they benefit from company diversity programs

    First 5000     |     January 17, 2019

    While investment in diversity programs is on the rise, a new global report from Boston Consulting Group highlights that investment is falling short with three-quarters of employees in diverse groups

  • Business confidence plummets: illion

    First 5000     |     January 17, 2019

    Business confidence for the first quarter of 2019 has collapsed, according to illion’s latest Business Expectations analysis. The Business Expectations Index for the March quarter stands

  • How to plan the optimal office space for your SME

    Lillian Connors     |     January 17, 2019

    Once your business grows from being an individual to an SME, it has joined an honorable group of enterprises that comprise more than 90% of businesses in the Western World