About Us

Connecting the powerhouses of our economy

Australia is suffering from a clear case of middle-business syndrome. A highly-profitable but largely disconnected segment of the economic landscape exists without a united voice, or space to engage with one another.

That’s why we created First 5000.

First 5000 is an invitation only virtual business alliance that connects the executives of Australia’s leading medium enterprises. Members represent the nation’s top 5000 mid-size companies. This influential online community is the only place where big business can access an audience of powerful, high-growth medium enterprises.

First 5000 is the brainchild of public policy network Global Access Partners (GAP ), which initiates and promotes high level discussions on the most pressing issues facing Australia’s society and economy.

GAP founder and former chair of the Australian Small Business Council Peter Fritz has designed First 5000 as a place where local and international big business can easily connect with the country’s most significant mid-size companies.

Official launch

First 5000 was formally launched on Wednesday, 20 October 2010, 10:00am-12:00pm, at the Strangers’ Dining Room of the NSW Parliament House before a select audience of First 5000 partners, members and journalists.

Mr Barry Buffier, Deputy Director General, Industry & Investment NSW, State & Regional Development and Tourism, gave a keynote address.

Who are the First 5000?

Companies which employ between 20-199 people and report an annual turnover of $10 million or more are invited to take up free First 5000 membership.

First 5000 members make up a small, but highly profitable slice of the total SME category. Of the more than 2 million SMEs in Australia, just over 5000 companies fit the profile.

First 5000 members are typically:

  • Entrepreneurs: as a group, these companies boast average annual growth rates of 15% and over
  • Stable and well-established: on average, this group has been in operation for 6-10 years or more
  • Innovators: they are more likely than average SMEs to invest in research and development
  • Export leaders: they are more likely than average SMEs to trade internationally

Get involved

To enquire about your eligibility for a free First 5000 member subscription or partnership opportunities, please contact +61 2 8303 2420, editor@first5000.com.au