Govt should drive to end acute labour and skill shortages: ACCI

| May 23, 2022

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it will work vigorously to advance the priorities of business and negotiate in good faith to reach outcomes for the benefit of all Australians while working with the newly elected government.

“We congratulate Mr Albanese and the Labor party on winning the 2022 election,” ACCI chief executive Andrew McKellar said.

“ACCI stands ready to work with Mr Albanese and a newly formed Labor government to advance the interests of our nation.

Mr McKeller said the first priority must be ending the most acute labour and skill shortages in 48 years.

“Small businesses cannot afford for the next federal government to drag its heels on growing Australia’s workforce. ACCI will seek to be an active participant in Labor’s proposed employment summit. Bringing unions and employer groups together in a collaborative manner will be an important opportunity o reform our ailing enterprise bargaining system, bolstering productivity and driving higher wages growth.

Mr McKeller said a new Labor government must also have a practical plan to ease the rising costs and supply chain bottlenecks holding back business.

“Streamlining regulatory settings and encouragig business investment will drive our international competitiveness, empowering business to grow.

“Business, big and small, employ more than 11 million Australians.  Enabling enterprise to flourish is essential to continue rebuilding our economy and locking in prosperity for future generations.

“This is a critical time for our country, for business and for generations of Australians.  Having overcome the pandemic and ensuing devastation to businesses right across industry, now is time to seize on our potential to unleash a new era of growth, opportunity and innovation.

ACCI also acknowledged the Coalition and Scott Morrison for their leadership over the past three years, in particular throughout the pandemic, and the provision of crucial contributions in guiding the economy through unprecedented circumstances.