• If they’re so busy, why isn’t anything getting done?

    Donna McGeorge     |     May 17, 2022

    This was the cry of a client of mine recently.  He has recently joined a new organisation and his observations of his new team is that their hearts are in 

  • How to run successful virtual meetings

    Donna McGeorge     |     October 11, 2018

    Doing anything by distance takes twice the time and is half as good. We have to navigate time zone differences, language barriers and technological inconsistencies—whilst still running effective meetings. The three 

  • The secret of successful 25 minute meetings

    Donna McGeorge     |     September 5, 2018

    Business professionals everywhere in every company need meetings. We need them at work because when they work, they are valuable. Clear actions get set, decisions are made and the whole