• Growth and Jobs Trade Forecasts

    Growth top of mind for regional businesses

    First 5000 |  July 18, 2018

    The Commonwealth Bank’s Regional Business Insights report shows that nearly half (49 per cent) of all regional businesses can see opportunities for growth.

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  • Agriculture International Trade

    Orange export season enters full swing

    Andrew Spence |  July 18, 2018

    The first shipments of certified pest free Australian navel oranges are arriving in China following their recognition as produce of ‘premium status’ by the Chinese Government.

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  • Energy Environment

    New biofuel opportunities for Queensland

    First 5000 |  July 18, 2018

    Queensland has officially joined the global below50 campaign to support the production and use of sustainable biofuels after signing a Statement of Collaboration with the United Nations-backed group.

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Latest News

  • CIO great says “Get rid of IT”

    Sally Rose     |      June 27, 2011

    On 24 June 2011 at the Global Access Partners (GAP) Workshop on Cloud Computing, a joint initiative with the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy, I had the chance to hear the keynote address from Prof Paul A Strassmann.

    Prof Strassmann has truly earned his place in the CIO hall of fame; joking that he is not really a Professor, in the sense that his interest in IT is by no means merely academic. He has authored many articles and books and holds a number of trademarks. He seems to have been even busier since retirement.

  • Have your say: Mining industry

    Helen Hull     |      June 22, 2011

    Would you like to be involved in the development of government policy?

    The Business Consultation website allows you to keep on top of potential changes to business and industry and have your say on issues that affect you.

  • How often is too often?

    Geoffrey McDonald Bowll     |      June 22, 2011

    When is the right timing for business or personal contact? If you meet a possible customer at a function, do you ring them desperately the next day and look pathetic, friendless and pushy, or do you wait a good six months and hope they remember you, like you’re as memorable as Barack or the Dizzy Lama?

    It’s a mystery to many of us. Who wouldn’t love the timing talent that knows exactly when to push the button and when to hold off, teasing the audience, putting them more in love with your words of wisdom, because they have received them right when the coffee arrived, or the second glass of wine kicked in.

  • APTS recognised as WA Telstra Business finalist

    Helen Hull     |      June 21, 2011

    First 5000 member, Australian Pressure Testing Services (APTS) has been named as a finalist in the 2011 Telstra Western Australian Business Awards across three categories.

    The service provider to the oil and gas industry, which pressure tests pipelines and vessels to prove their integrity, is a finalist in the Panasonic Medium Business, Yellow Pages Social Responsibility and AMP Innovation categories.

  • Difference between Add-Ons and ERP

    Michael McCash     |      June 20, 2011

    Today’s IT market is crowded with credible and non–credible players, each offering an instant ‘band-aid’ fix to the pain-points of your existing accounting software.

    The question is: when does this add-on software stop providing the promised benefits and start hampering your growth?

  • Prepared for the end of financial year?

    Michael Derin     |      June 14, 2011

    From taking care of the year’s profit and losses to reviewing your balance sheets and maximising your tax deductions, this checklist from accountant Michael Derin at the Azure Group is everything you need to take care of before the year is out.  

  • IT control is king

    Nick Day     |      June 14, 2011

    On a recent business trip I was enthralled by Liam Neeson’s performance in the thriller, Unknown. The movie starts with him making a frantic dash back to the airport after leaving his laptop behind in a cab.

    Of course business mobility has been a long standing issue for IT. Whether it’s a loss, theft or a network meltdown, any of these situations can create a major issue affecting the continuity of a business. Securing the data is paramount. Easy management is crucial. Control is king.

  • IPA’s Conway wins Young Professional award

    Helen Hull     |      June 7, 2011

    Andrew Conway, chief executive of First 5000 member, the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), has been recognised as the Professions Australia ‘2011 Young Professional of the Year’.

    The award is intended  to  encourage  and  recognise  the  achievements  of  a  young  professional  who has demonstrated a noteworthy commitment  to excellence and  innovation  in  their profession and has worked  to promote the profession as a whole. 

  • Guide to selecting an ERP

    Michael McCash     |      June 6, 2011

    The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to overhaul and automate business processes is a significant strategic investment for any organisation.

    Buying the right system and choosing the best vendor partner are critical to a successful implementation – because in this instance the word ‘partner’ isn’t just a figure of speech.

  • Economic snapshot – June

    Alan Oster     |      June 3, 2011

    The weakness in the March quarter GDP creates a perfect storm for a central bank attempting to tighten interest rates in response to the underlying strength of the economy.

    While the Reserve Bank is looking forward to emerging inflationary pressures, it’ll be difficult to avoid the tactical complications presented by the recent slowdown in our economy.

  • Collingwood taps social media

    Helen Hull     |      May 30, 2011

    Facebook is the most popular social network platform with one in four businesses having a Facebook presence, according to a recent study.

    First 5000 member, the AFL’s Collingwood Football Club became active on Facebook and Twitter in early 2009, initially using them as tools to drive users back to the club’s website.

  • Independents key to change

    Glenn Druery     |      May 24, 2011

    It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that politics is something that only happens in the hallowed halls of Canberra or the sandstone buildings of Macquarie Street.

    You could be forgiven for thinking that that the most impact you can have in politics is by the exercise of your democratic right once every few years.

  • Australian retail community under threat

    Jost Stollmann     |      May 20, 2011

    The digital economy will allow the big retailers to expand their domination further squeezing the remaining retail community.

    The increasing preponderance of smartphones and ever-present broadband access allows the big retailers to deploy customer engagement strategies bundling financial and marketing services capabilities.

  • Get into bed

    Geoffrey McDonald Bowll     |      May 9, 2011

    Let’s do something the ACCC is going to hate, but can’t do much about. Get together with competitors.

    There’s two sorts in business. The bulk want to make friends, have a few laughs, go to work in a good mood, enjoy the day, make a buck. The others, the nasty minority, think it’s about conflict and competition and killing the other guy.

  • Telstra launches 2011 Business Women’s Awards

    Helen Hull     |      May 2, 2011

    Telstra has launched the 2011 Business Women’s Awards which have over the last 16 years uncovered amazing and inspiring business women and their extraordinary journeys.

    Almost a quarter of women recognised as inspirational leaders in business through the Telstra Business Women’s Awards have joined a board following their success.