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  • Labor’s Ed Husic Criticises Government Innovation Strategy

    Editor     |      September 20, 2017

    Labor’s Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Husic, has criticised the government’s approach to economic innovation at an AFR Innovation Summit in Sydney. In a keynote address, he called for ‘cross silo’ conversations to prepare industries for technological change and debate around a ‘smarter nation’ to gain community support.

  • Sinodinos Announces Digital Review

    Editor     |      September 20, 2017

    Senator Sinodinos has released a consultation paper on the Government’s new Digital Economy Strategy, which is due for release in the New Year. The paper highlights the need for improved digital infrastructure and business capability, better digital skills and greater social inclusion.

  • Secret of success for midsize business: family entrepreneurs

    Albrecht von der Hagen     |      September 13, 2017

    The Mittelstand is a unique phenomenon from which Germany’s economy has been built. Albrecht von der Hagen, Association of Family-Owned Businesses Chairman addressed the GAP Summit on the role family-owned midsize businesses play.

  • Public versus Private Cloud

    Andrew Tucker     |      September 13, 2017

    More and more businesses are moving away from on-premise servers and infrastructure, and instead adopting a total cloud IT environment. Andrew Tucker CEO of ITonCloud explains the benefits and challenges of public versus private cloud services.

  • Think digital or become history

    Ed Husic MP     |      September 12, 2017

    Technological change will shape the future of work. The Honourable Ed Husic MP spoke at the GAP Summit about the need for Australian SME’s to engage in digital transformation and to continue to innovate to remain relevant. His full speech can be read here.

  • Australian Defence Industry – Our National Endeavour

    Christopher Pyne MP     |      September 12, 2017

    Entrepreneurial midsize businesses will be crucial to our future wellbeing; to defence and the economy. Christopher Pyne MP was a keynote speaker at the GAP Summit, where he discussed the opportunities and challenges facing midsize business.

  • Hidden Giants: The Future of Australia’s Midsize Business

    Helen Hull     |      September 9, 2017

    A Vision for Australia – Global Access Partners 8th Annual Economic Summit will be held on 7-8 September in the NSW Legislative Assembly Chamber. Ahead of the Summit we are highlight the thoughts of key players.

  • Barriers to growth – challenges for midsize business

    Su-Ming Wong     |      September 9, 2017

    Australia’s midsize businesses are facing their own unique barriers to growth. Champ Ventures Chief Executive Officer, Su-Ming Wong, outlines the five biggest challenges effecting the midsize business sector.

  • Stuck in the middle: mid-sized business and barriers to growth

    Mark Cully     |      September 8, 2017

    Australia’s business profile is one of hundreds of thousands of small businesses, tens of thousands of mid-sized businesses and thousands of large businesses. Mark Cully, Chief Economist Department of Industry, Innovation and Science presents to the GAP Summit.

  • Priorities, practical recommendations for mid market: brand & marketing

    Rachel Bevans     |      September 7, 2017

    Looking at medium business with a strategic brand and marketing lens. Rachel Bevans of the Healthy Brand Company offers priorities and practical recommendations for the mid market.