Member Benefits

Membership in First 5000 is free and by invitation only.

Build networks & business
First 5000 allows you to strengthen your network of mutual professional support, and make strong business to business connections between members and partner organisations. It provides a forum to promote your products and services to potential customers and reate new joint ventures.

Keep up to date
First 5000 keeps you informed of the key issues facing the medium-sized business community. No other publication exclusively targets the mid-size market.

Have your voice heard
First 5000 brings Australia’s most productive and highest-growth businesses out of the policy wilderness. First 5000 is an independent platform that facilitates direct dialogue between members, politicians and policy-makers on issues affecting medium business. Being part of First 5000 gives you a voice.

Benefits and opportunities for First 5000 members include:

  • Networking tools to expand and strengthen professional relationships in a supported online environment
  • Access to news, updates, blogs, feature and commentary pieces relevant to the mid-size market through the First 5000 website
  • Online discussions with other First 5000 members, partners and government
  • Policy influence by contributing to high-level policy discussions on issues facing medium enterprises and the Australian economy
  • Commercial opportunities via access to a unique customer-base of Australia’s leading mid-size companies
  • Invitations to First 5000 and Global Access Partners’ conferences and roundtables

What is the POINT of joining First 5000?

PROFILE – company member’s ‘roll’ profiled on the First 5000 website with a link to company website; senior executive profiles through built-in connection to their existing online business presence

OFFERS – opportunity to benefit from exclusive, member-only product and service offerings on the First 5000 website

INSIGHT – access to news, blogs, feature and commentary pieces through the First 5000 website

NETWORK – opportunity to develop, expand and strengthen professional relationships and build a network of connections through club membership

TRIAL – the platform to trial new business ideas prior to implementation